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i tried doing this but its impossible

Same, Conner, same<<<I don't BC Troye is a special bean and I embrace it《well he is a smol bean

"I'll paint myself in blue and all that is needed for you to stay" Blue - troye sivan ft Alex hope

That's okay. We don't mind

That's okay. We don't mind

Troye Sivan, Lost Boys, Corner

((FC: Troye Sivan)) I'm Alex Reed. I'm 17. I sing, sit on the computer all night, and I am a YouTuber. I am Australian. I'm smart and weird. I'm also single. I like to hang out with Cadence and Spencer. I like to read. (Mortal)

Troye Sivan is the actual cutest. I'm 14 years old and I totally ship Troyler. *No why do you ship Troyler, it's TRONNOR*