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.:Proxy High:. Student and Classes by UmmuVonNadia on DeviantArt

For resources in This classes are important since it reflect your OCs capability Yellow- violent, fighters, do a lot of killing. Main job is killing.

[Proxy High] Thud. by NightMew

Basic Information Name: Thud Age: 20 Day of Birth: March 27 Height: Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Class:&.

Splendor by PSlenDy

Based on many considerations.I have decided not to draw any picture anymore about CreepyPasta, except Slenderman. I don’t know what the original writers like or dislike, the last thing.

Slender Man, Slender Man, Does Whatever A Sledner Man Does... Can He Kill He Slain Someone? No He Cant, Hes Just A Guy!

The Amazing Slenderman

The Amazing Slenderman XD slenderman, slenderman, does whatever slenderman does, can he swing from a web no he cant he has ten-tacleeesss, here comes the slenderman

Slenderman, Trenderman, Offendeman and Splendorman

Okay, I know Splendy[Spledorman], Trendy[Trenderman], Offendy[Offenderman], and Slendy[Splenderman].