Out & About Summer Outfit

CASUAL: black lace crop top // black lace bra // ripped denim shorts // washed-out plaid shirt

summer outfit

who wants to be my best friend so we can twin and take cute pictures and trade clothes im currently taking applications

the end

White blouse + high waisted denim shorts + skinny brown belt + black shades //summer feel, a simple classic

This outfit is really cute for 5 Seconds of Summer band fans. I can imagine someone wearing this to a concert or to go shopping. I love how the shirt is a muscle tee. It's cool to let boys know girls can have muscles too and boys aren't the only ones that are strong. #Girl Power!!!! Then you have some classic Chucks with retro glasses and cute accessories. Then we have the classic black skater skirt. This whole outfit reminds me of grungy rock band.    #Complimentary #Rock #Teen

shirt five seconds of summer tank top white skirt circle skirt sunglasses shoes converse converse high tops phone cases skater skirt t-shirt outfits 5 seconds of

P I N T E R E S T -its_kinda_everything I N S T A G R A M - its_kinda_everything

This may be the type of clothes I wear , I may be tumbler 😋, but idc what you say about me I love the way I look and who I am😎💕