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I love my Sun sign! Scorpio ♥ *Note: The creator of these photos (ZodiacSociety) has stated that these aren't listed in any specific order.

No creo en horóscopos. Pero, en esa lista no está Libra ni Sagitario. Al menos ahí la pegaron.

Best at Hiding Emotions: Scorpio Capricorn Virgo Taurus Aquarius Gemini. I could say something about two-faced people falling into this category.

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Taurus pretends to be strong on the exterior but can bruise easily in the interior.

I honestly can't agree with this. Yes as a Gemini I may come off as a person who doesn't feel much but honestly I care too much about people. I mean I will give a homeless person a $50 bill and a hotel room. And just a few days ago I legit had a funeral for a dead bird I found laying on the ground. So I'm extremely affectionate. Or maybe I got that mixed up with caring? Oh welp.         /(=*.*=)\

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pokémon, zodiac, capricorn, horoscope, sign《this is a homestuck reference =)

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Pisces: I care more about you remembering my birthday than you randomly buying me something!