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1941 – a dapper JFK (right) poses in Palm Beach, Fla., with eldest brother Joe Jr.

1960. 10 Juillet. Frank Sinatra (right) sits next to Senator John F. Kennedy at a fund-raiser, on the eve of Kennedy’s selection as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Los Angeles. 7/10/60

rufustfirefly: “ Another Kennedy/Sinatra photo. Sometimes I forget I scan things and then find them in my external harddrive years later lulz ” STUNNING BROMANCE

John F Kennedy...

My favorite president . he brought a "light" into the dark world of politics and government.

1934: A very ill young man - Kennedy with his Choate school pals, the “Muckers,” a club he co-founded with best friend Lem Billings (second from left).

John FKennedy far right - in 1934 at Choate, an exclusive prep school in Wallingford, Connecticut. The Muckers, a group that delighted in practical jokes and bucking the school's traditions nearly got Jack expelled.

JFK greets Julius Nyerere, the President of Tanganyika, upon Nyerere's arrival at the White House (July

President John F. Kennedy in a motorcade during his trip to Germany, June 1963

JFK in Germany, 1963: Rare and Classic Photos

President John F. Kennedy in a motorcade during his trip to Germany, June 1963

The President speaks to the press outside the White House following  astronaut John Glenn's successful orbital flight (February 20, 1962).

------------------------------------------------------- Below are some rare pictures of Senator John F.

Two of the images have never been published before including one of Kennedy (left) with family members on a ship

Rare early photos of JFK have emerged for sale

Flashback: This photo shows a young JFK (left) with his father (center) and a cousin on a .