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Yato kitten I could see all three of them in a cardboard box, Yato continuously having to be the mommy cat towards Yuki, Hiyori playing with her scarf

:)) #Hiyori #Yukine #Yato  haha GET...AWAY..FROM..HER!

Noragami ~~ Yato expresses his displeasure over Yukine enjoying the closeness of Hiyori's um, "feminine assets". {snicker} and Yato feeling the pain from Yukine.

Never underestimate Yato's looks. those blue eyes will win u over. | Noragami

Yato has got a lot of girlfriends ( fangirls ) but i ship him Hiyori sooo.

I love how this show is goofy and sometimes ridiculous, but is still able to snap out of the silliness, hunker down, get serious, and make really wonderful, epic things happen. Alright. I'm done. Goodnight.

At one moment it is hilarious, then it get's really ridiculous and then it's so cute, you'll fear your heart might explode from cutie feels! I recommend watching Noragami!