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This made me cry, but yet it's so beautiful I could not stop looking at it. *starts crying again just thinking about it* << the fall of Holy Rome and the birth of Germany


Adorable hetalia comic America and Italy<<I don't ship it but I feel as if these two would be great friends and they'd totally do this. And Germany and England are watching closely because they don't want those two to become TOO close XD<<<bromance

Dawwww, Alfred's gift took a little twist but he was quick to fix it......Hetalia: Little hero by carichan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - America & Canada aww America thought Canada will like it but he doesn't and he goes to protect him

So cute!!

Holy rome and italy! So cute! ♡<<<< doitsu is holy rome aabyabauakhzu! I loved gerita even more!

hetalia comparison | hetalia season 1 4 and season 5 comparison by kuro21blackhawk fan art ...

Hetalia Season 5 titled: Hetalia: The Beautiful World is coming out in January This is just something that come up into my min. Hetalia: Season and Season 5 Comparison

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Adorable PruHun, so cute Though I don't really get it why Hungary-san does that thing ,BUT , is so cuuuuteee!

America made a friend who wanted some flowers, but he searched everywhere but couldn't find them. When he visited Davie again, Davie didn't recognize him. England then visited and then told him that he'd get him the flowers. He then got him flowers, but it was years later.When America went to go give the flowers to him, he saw a boy who resembled Davie. America ran to him and gave him the flowers. The boy then puts the flowers into a coffin. Davie had died. . Hows that for feels. Art by…

"Davie" (Hetalia, America) i cry when my friend show me this TT-TT

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1. Lies down in a ball.   2.Tries her hardest not to cry.   3. *one second later* Cries a waterfall and entire room is flooded with tears....Poor Italy...

I regret reading this at school. people looked at me weirdly for crying so suddenly. Hetaoni will always hurt, no matter what.

I love "HetaOni" quotes, but I must comment on how funny Germany and Prussia's faces came out in this art.  XD

I love "HetaOni" quotes, but I must comment on how funny Germany and Prussia's faces came out in this art.