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Every Day, I'll Love You, I Will

I love this quote, it describes everything perfectly. It could be said of a boyfriend or you best friend or just a friend. This describes how I feel about one of my friends perfectly.

My best friend. <3

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This is totally me && the teddy bear is jeff. I am a very caring person till my buttons are pushed. those that are in my life know me && can say I am a great friend and I will never let you down.


this is the boy - again, another quote that reflects how I knew my husband was "the one" for me.

Forever and ever I want you so badly. I am so deeply in love with you.you are my everything my whole world my whole heart and soul. Baby we are soulmates. Xoxo except the kids thing it is US.

The best love is unexpected.

The best love is unexpected. I never thought I'll ever love someone so much but since the day I've found you as my love. I promise I'll love you till my last breath Manvi Aditya Singh ❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😚😚😘😘😚

Every little​ thing he does I tell myself " I really really love you"

I do this all the time. With my husband, our children, a close relative, a friend. Sometimes I just randomly get an incredible overwhelming feeling and am reminded of his much I love them and how blessed I am to have them in my life!

Absolutely love... your first "love" doesn't even compare to that one person who completes you..

No one compares to you. I know people always say your first love is the person you compare everyone to, but maybe they've got it all wrong. Maybe the person you compare everyone to isn't your first love, but your true love. Your soul mate.


Soulmate definition with quote. Soulmate definition with quote . Whats a soulmate? Its like a best friend but more, Its the one person in the world who knows y funny

Marry your best friend.

Marry your best friend. - Honestly, I'm so lucky to be able to call my husband my best friend.

Mmmm yes plz...can we start now?

I want to wake up next to you, eat breakfast with you, get changed with you, play computer games with you.

Do I say something?!

It takes courage to trust somebody with your entire heart . So very true. I'd rather be brave then fearful.