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Actually Gemini rules number 5 in numerology.  The moon rules number 2. gemini - self expression and communication

My moon sign is Gemini - sign of self expression and communication


Clever and curious Gemini thinks fast, communicates well, and is full of ideas. The Twins zodiac sign is versatile, adaptable, and intellectual.

Gemini by Jake Baddeley of ThresholdEditions

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The Sun Tarot Card, Major Arcana Number 19.

AstroSpirit / Leo ♌ / Fire / Lion / the sun-- rules the zodiac sign of Leo-- corresponds to the fifth house (children, art, creative projects, romances, and recreation).

Scorpio for november Personalized Zodiac necklace by BeautySpot on imgfave

Personalized Zodiac necklace with Constellation - you pick the zodiac sign. There are twelve months in a year - and thus twelve signs of Zodiac.