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Lucky Star Paper- Monokuro 1 by Arkhetypon on DeviantArt

Lucky Star Paper- Monokuro 1 by Arkhetypon

KHR Lucky Star Paper by tsunyandere

Here is the second pattern I've made using these awesome sprites. 's excellent Lucky Star Paper folding tutorial: [link] The.

lucky star paPER | halloween_lucky_star_paper_by_origamigenius-d31ua04.jpg

A halloween lucky star paper I made ! It was scanned from a real drawing. If you don't know how to make lucky stars you can learn h.

Lucky Star Printable Paper Rilakkuma | Lucky Star Paper- Moyashimon 1 by ~ Arkhetypon

Paper featuring the adorable microbes from the show "Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture." I really love the stars this pattern creates. If you're a fan of the show (or just like cute things) I'd reco.

Lucky Star Paper - Monkey by ErisXChaos

Lucky Star Paper - Monkey by ErisXChaos

Halloween Lucky Star Strips by Homemade-Happiness on DeviantArt

I think I'm gonna make a bunch of these and put them in tiny bottles for Halloween, and find some orange and black paper and.

Origmai Lucky star paper 4 by silverbeam on DeviantArt

I made some paper you can print out and do origami star's with! Each page has 20 strips, with all 5 of them you can make 100 stars!

LenAppend Lucky Star Paper by aalleeyyee.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here's some lucky star paper for Len, cuz Len doesn't get enough love~ The template for the stars is 'Blank LuckyStar Paper Template'.

Lucky Star Printable Paper Rilakkuma | Pikachu+pokeball star paper by Doom-Pop

DeviantArt: More Collections Like Lucky Star Strip - Rilakkuma by Simbelmyne-Toreador