Today's snack bento was pretty easy to prepare in the morning. I made a small little green boy from quail egg, kamaboko, and food pick.

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halloween bento lunch


サーモンの手毬寿司べんとう。の画像 | あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by…

サーモンの手毬寿司べんとう。の画像 | あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by…

干支 うまのおべんとう

干支 うまのおべんとう

Bentoriffic's Sunshiny Day lunch

Sunshiny Day

bentoriffic's Sunshiny lunch plant based bento lunchbox in Teske Goldsworthy Lester / EasyLunchboxes

Rilakkuma Inarizushi (Tofu Pouch Sushi) Kyaraben Bento Lunch by Chikipon

The teddy bear cut outs would be so cute for sandwichs cause I hate sushi

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Summertime Cooler Snacks and Lunch Ideas

I like the sandwich-on-a-skewer idea Summertime cooler snacks and lunch ideas - Family Fresh Meals

cute bento box

Toast Bento Fish cakes turn into tiny toast men with cookie cutters shaped like a chef's hat.