Bernie Sanders On Black Lives Matter - June 2015

Presidential runner Bernie Sanders on Militarization of Police and Accountability.

Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism Speech Georgetown University. He Hits A Home Run That Could Change America.

Bernie Sanders delivered one of the great political speeches of the year with an address that if listened to and heeded has the power to change America.

Watch as 2016 Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders explains who the Koch brothers are and what their agenda is in Washington. To support Bernie for .

Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Not End Drone Program If Elected President - Aug 2015 - Sanders said that he wouldn't end the drone program but would try to limit the number of innocent civilians killed.

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Women's issues are always on Bernie Sanders' short list. Single mothers, you have a champion in Bernie.

Ed Schultz Goes All in for Bernie Sanders at Bob Fest

Ed Schultz appeared at Bob Fest in Madison, WI on Saturday. He revealed that his wife Wendy has had a recurrence of her cancer, so please put Ed and Wendy in your thoughts and prayers.

Alyssa Milano: "I'm Officially Endorsing Bernie Sanders. I love him" - The Bern Report

Alyssa Milano: "I'm Officially Endorsing Bernie Sanders. I love him" - The Bern Report

Liked on YouTube: Bernie Sanders Kicks Jim Inhofe's Ass Over Climate Change Denial!

Bernie Sanders challenges Jim Inhofe on Climate Change! Inhofe denies the climate change science findings and mocks the climate science community consensus.

Bernie Sanders at Freddie Grey Empowerment Center 12/8/15  #FeeltheBERN

Bernie Sanders meeting at Freddie Grey Empowerment Center