Coming from the dark.

She reminds me of Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin. And the black lolita like dress is very fitting.

O moooooorrrrrrrrr ... Para de ler , eu quero atenção !!!!,se vc não me dá atenção ,quem vai me dar se ninguém se importa comigo ???? x-(:'(

cute anime couple bored girl hugging from behind his boyfriend so he stop reading book

Anime love

You don't know how stubborn I am about you but you still like me no matter what. // Manga: Stand Up!

Tumingin Saking Mata Magtapat ng Nadarama di Gusto ika'y Mawala Dahil handa akong ibigin ka kung maging tayo  Sayo lang ang Puso ko   Sa'yo by Silent sanctuary   @ralphdhancosplay - Damn that feeling i felt yesterday. it was out of the world.we were like lovers kyaaaa So sad i wanna stop that time and feel every nano second. i wanna feel that one sided love moment that i feel. I will treasure that moment forever.    Hey i know you will never like for some obvious reasons,sorry if i feel this…

Anyone know what manga this is? Anime couple, , manga couple, , black and white