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Animal photography is one of the favorite activities of many photographers, both amateur and professional. Whether it become a difficult and more challenging when it comes to wild animals like one of the most dangerous

A bear 'come hither' look?  :)

A bear 'come hither' look?

A bad day by Andy Rouse on 500px

A bad day by Andy Rouse - Photo 2116198 /

Some bears are not albino, they have a recessive "blond" gene. Much like Labrador retrievers can come in black or blond.

Golden bear cub with brown bear. Is it genetic that they get these different colors?

Without doubt, the highlight of our trip was seeing several coastal brown bears up close and personal (from the safety of a bus!).

Brown Bear, Denali National Park, Alaska - photo by Ron Niebrugge

Bear love

Bear love

theperfectworldwelcome: our-amazing-world: Brown Bears (by aran Amazing World beautiful amazing Beautiful !!! \O/

Brown Bear Mom With Her Cub: "Some Rainy Days. (Photo By: aranka delina janné on

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It saddens me to know that these magnificent animals are an endangered species. This bear looks like she is praying.perhaps asking for divine intervention.

Polar bear, Canada

Polar bear, Canada

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Cute Brown Bear Cub taking a rest

Grizzly Bear - Yellowstone Animal

Grizzlies and black bears give birth while sleeping

Bear Cub's First Spring

Bear Cub’s First Spring Photo by Steve Perry

Black Bear

Black bears lose neither bone density nor muscle mass while hibernating

Grizzly Bear with four little cubs.

Brown Bear family just look at the middle one :D Photographer - Unknown Like / Share - Precious World