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DIY Wall Art Ideas and Do It Yourself Wall Decor for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Teen Rooms DIY Rustic Gold Leaf on Pallet Wall Art Cheap Ideas for Those On A Budget. Paint Awesome Hanging Pictures With These Easy Step By Step Tutorials and Projec

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California Agricultural Museum, in Woodland, California

California Agricultural Museum, in Woodland, California

Blacksmith Shop, Blacksmithing Ideas, Blacksmithing

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A do it yourself Thanksgiving sign with paper feather banner

DIY Thankful sign and paper feather banner for a beautiful Thanksgiving display. Navy blue, mint, coral, and white give a fresh take on Fall colors.

courageous-and-strong:  http://www.sandersoniron.com. I'd like to modify this a tad and have it in the house, as part of the staircase, so that the entire staircase transfers heat to the upper floor.

Coal Fire Coal Forge Gas Forge This gas forge, or furnace, heats a big area at a uniform temperature. This allows me to heat several bars at once, so that some are heating while I forge, letting me work continually […]

Blacksmith Shop, Blacksmithing

Blacksmith shop, man door in slider.

Blacksmith shop, man door in slider.

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