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carrier-tricycle-white-11561031.jpg (400×267)

carrier-tricycle-white-11561031.jpg (400×267)

1900 Riker Electric Delivery Wagon  ...  =====>Information=====> https://de.pinterest.com/mikehansuld/electrics-before-thier-time/

The Unique Cars and Parts Guide To Identifying American Built Cars Manufactured In 1900

1905 Woods Electric w/ wooden body ... now, that's an electric car that I could get excited about!

Suddenly Detroit has discovered the electric car! Here's a 1905 Woods Electric w/ wooden body. we had the technology all along--big business chose to ignore it.

10 Symbolic Cars from Past, Made With Steam Engine

Trevithick Steam Powered London Coach (designed in (Comment by original pinner.

1896 Riker Electric Tricycle

Riker Electric Tricycle with a electric motor. Riker produced his electric car in 1894 and developed high speed electric cars culminating in the 'Riker Torpedo' which set a world speed record in 1901

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Concept art of the "Magisterium Carriage", featured in the Golden Compass movie.

First taste of freedom: Toledo Treadle Tricycle

The Red Car: 1949 MG TC Project

By Brian BirknerFor many of us, our first taste of freedom came in the form of either a tricycle, or a bicycle. The excitement of going where you wanted to, going as fast as you wanted.