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Eddie Murphy - Una PanoonahBanka Bubblerock - HD

Heres a hilarious Bubblerock loop video I did. It's Eddie Murphy playing Buckwheat and singing 2 songs from his TV Album from Saturday Night Live back in The.

HD - Web Therapy 3x03 - Why There Is No "Sister's Day"

HD - Web Therapy 3x03 - Why There Is No "Sister's Day"

OMG kitty in a rain jacket. Watch the video!

Feline-Friendly Coats: The Columbia Sportswear ‘Angry Cat’ Video Douses a Kitty to Test The Waterproof Jacket

Eddie Murphey was Buckwheat on SNL in the 1980's, Oh Tay!!!

Eddie Murphy Says He’ll Be On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Anniversary Show

Saturday Night Live (SNL) Eddie Murphy clip

Saturday Night Live Eddie Murphy clips rom the live DVD, courtesy of The PR Office.

Psi Factor: (S2E1)  Threads

New Season (Episode A new person, Matt Preagur, has been assigned the role of case manager. peter Axon is not happy.

Hands down one of the top 10 SNL skits EVEr.  O...M...G.  please watch.

Jim Carrey Lifeguard: My favorite SNL skit of all time!