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In Norse mythology, svartálfar (Old Norse "black elves", singular svartálfr) are beings who dwell in Svartálf[a]heimr (anglicized as Svartalfheim, "home of black-elves").[1] Both the svartálfar and Svartálfaheimr are primarily attested in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. Scholars have noted that the svartálfar appear to be synonymous with dwarfs and potentially also the dökkálfar (Old Norse "dark elves").

In Norse mythology, svartálfar (Old Norse "black elves", singular svartálfr)…

Now... I understand why I've always worn dark Kohl around my eyes. Never would I leave my house or ship :-) without Kohl decorating my face; My War Paint is always on and with the help of G-d's Holy Spirit, I remain Vigilant at all times.

-evidence for Viking-age makeup. Apparently the Norse appreciated a good smoky eye?


Pixies - shapeshifting is a Narcissistic trait (perhaps certain pixies are the fairy worlds' version of narcissism)