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Heart & Brain (Emotional Mind & Rational Mind): So Funny and Real!

Heart: "Let's live here!" (points to The Moment) Brain: "Sigh."

Heart: "Let's live here!" (points to The Moment) Brain: "Sigh. It's a false front.

You mean that doesn't work?!

Your Heart Vs. Brain: Webcomic Highlights Hilarious Battle Between Our Emotions And Intellect

Cynicism for Skeptics, courtesy of Awkward Yeti.

Definitely heart, but for the reasons brain gave! From The Awkward Yeti.

Scary my brain does this every morning!!!

So I went and asked Nick, the guy who creates these, if he would mind me posting some of his work here, and he was more than happy to let me. In l awkward yeti heart Brain yeti awkward

Heart and Brain battle exhaustion with their super powers in this comic