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this is aweful in the best way. i need to watch this show

a stoner & a pansexual living across from a pansexual & an asexual xD (this needs to be a TV show!

Title - Imgur

I can just imagine sending this to some random stranger, and when they ask who is this I will be so proud of our friendship


That happened to me once except my sister walked in on me eating popcorn with all the lights off and I just go can I help u and she shut the door

Orangeplum | Tapastic Comics

Next time on: Supernatural.(too bad it make think in Constantine? like, he didn& mess up the sigils and summon Nergal.it was because the other demon was in some teenager bathroom)

"Don't go down there Maddy," my mom whispered from her room, "the voice speaks lies," I stared at her, I was confused, "Mom it's just Momma, she wants me." I explained, "no she wants me," my mother paused. "To do the dishes," and with that i deadpanned...

go back to my room and lock the door and then jump out the window since i live on the ground floor xD

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It's actually matey but at first I also read it like that in my head cause I read the last comment

Mate o<<i thought mate o and then im like what? Maybe its mate zero? And then it struck me<< thank god i wasn't the only one who felt rly dumb for a sec