Get a man who can do both.

I really really should start watching Supernatural. Dean Winchester makes my heart giggle and he isn't even British! Does his nationality matter.

I'm not strong enough to handle this.

detective-winchester: “ jacklesonmymind: “ lost-shoe: “ Countdown Challenge: Favourite Dean Caps Devil May Care ” dean’s face packs a punch right in my feels … ” it packs a punch right.

Dean's face every time anything "Zeke" related comes up "Dog Dean Afternoon"

Supernatural - The respectful fandom :) LOL More like the lady in the streets but the freak on the Internet-fandom^.^

Supernatural - The respectful fandom :) <--- pinning for that comment.

Original poster wrote: "So, the official Supernatural page on Facebook posted this photo to celebrate its 15.000.000 likes. At first I was like oh cool! Nice pic let’s share it. Dean looks handsome like always. Flawless hair, sexy scruff, lips you’d die to kiss and green eyes that-  *focuses better and realization strikes* ONLY ONE EYE IS GREEN  THE OTHER ONE IS PITCH BLACK  NO, IT’S NOT A MANIP. THE PAGE POSTED IT LIKE THAT."

This photo makes my soul hurt :( also feelsssssss<<<<i feel like demon!dean was so cool tho cause he was legit season 1 dean except for the whole wanting to kill sammy 😕

He's my brother gif

Those green eyes though