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Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. A true hero. He shows that we cannot judge a book by its cover and that love should last always.

It's magic, of course it evolves to the school's needs

I always just pit to the fact that Hogwarts is HUGE and Dumbledore like to redecorate

HP Forever and Always

Art Why must you hurt me in this way, Harry? (sorry, I felt like quoting Potter Puppet Pals would be good for this moment.) geek-out

hogwarts staff year 1-7

I knowed that but its soo funny how six of the years tje subject is DADA and the seventh year just DA😂😂😂😂Yeah I know it isnt cool but guys.

Snape, the Half Blood Prince by Cynthia-Blair on DeviantArt

Severus Snape wallpaper by Cynthia-Blair This is my favorite Severus art of…



Thank you for blogging what I was thinking.

That's what makes books feel so real. Rowling and v. Andrews are amazing at making characters feel so real.