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In which Youngjae is the secret doctor of the famous young business man Im Jaebum.

In this episode of I Got7, Mark said "Jinyoungie.... Saranghae" and they ran to each other

In this episode of I Mark said "Jinyoung. Saranghae" and they ran to each other

Saliendo se asomó a la ventana, volvió a sonreír viéndola tomar su jugo como niña pequeña abrazaba el vaso, Junior se alejó cuidando que nadie lo viera y se dirigió a su habitación feliz

Mi próximo error. (GOT7 JUNIOR) Junior GOT7 - Capítulo 13 - Mi Fan #1♥

JUNIOR) Junior by FarewellJinyoung with 791 reads.

Don't doubt power vocalist Tweh Youngjae!  | allkpop Meme Center

Yeah I relized I don't ship him with anyone and make him best freinds with everyone


Relationship Goals but this is like super funny Jackson did it because he was jelous but Mark did it for no reason and after Jackson did he was grossed out like what the heck

So sweet!! :) | allkpop Meme Center

United by a love for younger family members. Same, Youngjae, although I do have it easier than you.