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and then shrug and return to your computer.

Some People Just...

Calm down Satan

True besides a couple of the cons like 2 of them

This is so accurate it hurts. Especially the puns, free baked goods, and saying a ridiculous amount of self depreciating things.

Ha why not?

Ha why not?

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basically what happened to smeagol when he found the one ring is what happened to me when i discovered the internet -- And we forgot the sound of trees the softness of the wind we even forgot our own names


How Mean Girls Shaped History: Regina George's Take on the Cold War

My dad would be here. My mom would be at the bar with the other moms.

The Best Of Tumblr on

DADCON 2014 <- the dadding intensifies

Good answer

Good answer


Oed satire essays A satirical utterance; a speech or saying which ridicules and criticizes a person, thing, or quality. Also as a mass noun: satirical speech.

more like chaotic *awesome*

more like chaotic *awesome*


The award family. And during a marriage "and now, to ----------, goes the ------- award!

Most people who use Tumblr are a teenager This has lots of reblogs  Teenagers rebloged this This means teens really do love their mom

I hate these stupid things but I don't want to chance it

Ahaha hahahah

Now these are comments I could read all day- sassy people

Yeeeeeeeaaaaah....all of the second letters in my, my mom's, and my dad's names are As - so it just looks real stupid

Lylimi wow cool <--- i got Emanda

I'll never play Major League Baseball. Lol too funny