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captain america suit costume inspiration. The designer was careful to choose fabric that would have been available to him in the time period for the Cap film. I loved that aspect... :)

Chris Evans' Captain America in Newest Avengers Pic

Captain America (Chris Evans) gets the spotlight in the latest still released from Marvel Studios for The Avengers. The film features a.

okaykirk: ““are you ready to follow captain america into the jaws of death? ” ”

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America, in Captain America The Winter Soldier - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Thor is no longer arrogant; he's been humbled.  He's grown much since his last movie.  The Thunderer doesn't appear foolhardy in this picture.  Calm, confident, and prepared; but no longer looking for a fight.

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this Thor costume was used in all the films involving Thor including the avengers film which was released in Thor costume is being worn by an actor(Chris Hemsworth)

No plans tomorrow night...

God that kills me. "I've got no plans tomorrow night" his borderline suicidal actions in this movie make me ache

Sentinel of Liberty - Imgur

Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America by crymeouts on DeviantArt - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Capitão América <3

Chris Evans, all suited up and rockin' that beard. Yes, it's photoshopped, but a very well done photoshop. (no, I don't have too many photos of Cap/Chris on this board.

the Captain geekery

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