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great idea for Christmas cookies

Ribbon Wreath Plates: Here’s a fun way to share your holiday treats with this simple paper craft. Any themed ribbon can be used to create these plates, making them perfect for any holiday. These plates are not only pretty, but disposable.

Fifteen recipes for delicious holiday sweets, including gingerbread people, cheesecake, cupcakes, and more.

Gingerbread Desserts

Just adorable, these spiced reindeer cookies have chocolate faces and antlers, white chocolate chip eyes, red candy noses, and gumdrop ears.

Reindeer cookies by sheryl

Fun and easy reindeer cookies! Ingredients: nutterbutters, m&ms, pretzels, and basic white frosting. Apply nose (red or brown m&m) to nutterbutter by using frosting Add eyes (any color m&m) Add one pretzel on the top of the nutterbutter Then enjoy😃

Christmas-Tree-Sugar-Cone.jpg 371×539 pixels

Ice cream cone tree instead of gingerbread house. The Best Preschool Christmas Crafts - Might replace the houses on cardboard boxes, the ice cream cone is completely edible.

Letter Ornaments  mod-podge

10 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Mod Podge

"Wooden letter Ornament - easy gift to put together, get inexpensive wooden letters from the craft store and Mod-Podge fun scrapbook paper on, add a hook and ribbon" - Holiday craft idea with kids

Baking Tip - Syringes for delicate frosting designs

46 Life-Changing Baking Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

I so didn't want to buy the expensive decorating bags and tips. Simply the best way to get nice lines when icing cookies. A simple syringe will suck up the frosting and dispense it evenly. Why didn't I think of this? And easy for kids to use.

Peppermint Crunch-Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies . I will make these for Christmas! Maybe substitute with white choc chips!??

Christmas Cookies: Peppermint Crunch-Milk Chocolate (or my fave white chocolate) Chip Cookies.


Peppermint Stick White Chocolate Marshmallows: For hot chocolate ~ marshmallows dipped in chocolate, rolled in sugar and speared with a peppermint stick.

handmade photo peg rack

Holiday Card Wreath—cute idea—would look even better with the decorative clothespins. Use wood glue—affix small wooden clothespins to large embroidery hoop outward & inward, spaced 1 apart—suspend from ribbon—clip cards as received.

Donut Holes and Milk - so cute for Christmas or a wintery morning. (via 24/7 Moms - on Facebook)

Holiday Brunch Ideas

CHRISTMAS STOCKING IDEAS - with the new limits for text at Pinterest, either go to where I pinned this from, or click on the link, where the list has been reposted from Pinterest :-D

CHRISTMAS STOCKING gift cards (Starbucks, Borders, Cold Stones, A favorite candy (M’s or mini candy CD of favorite A favorite Nail Paperback by an author they Hand Tic Tacs or breath Nice Pocket Mini Small photo frame w/ Votive Personalized Key Golf Golf

I need to make these this year. (christmas goodies to sell)

Chocolate-Covered Nutter Butter Cookies with red hot noses, mini chocolate chip eyes, and mini pretzel antlers