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Missing my Korean Language class

Missing my Korean Language class

A simple breakdown of hangul consonants, vowels, and vowel combinations.

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Don'ts in Korean                                                                                                                                                      More

Don'ts in Korean More (Beginner here! So since "to do" is 하다, "Don't do it" is 하지마.

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Common Kpop Words And Phrases. Meaning of: 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae) - I love you.

Leçon 16 ~ FAMILLE

Funny kpop, kdrama, kshow, and more!

Okay. (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

Common Short Phrases Heard In K-Dramas (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

Leçon 19 ~ PARENTS

Esay to Learn Korean 19 - Relatives

Yes.  (Featuring Lee Hyun Woo)

Also another common kdrama phrase

Taeyang ♡ #BIGBANG

Taeyang ♡ #BIGBANG