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Post with 7463 votes and 128383 views. Tagged with Funny; I noticed dumps were getting a lot of people out of user sub

So true they will have respect for everybody no mater their sexualorientation, race, religion, or disability.

So true they will have respect for everybody no mater their sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.

Alright. That's what he's gonna be called for my wedding

Billy Boyd was taking his "one ring" of real life and Ejiah and Dom were the "Best Hobbits"

OP sounds like a dog who was cursed into being a person and now has to live a sad, boring person life.

I still use exclamation marks for everything! People get annoyed sometimes :p! <<< Idk I don't really use exclamation points that much bc I'm not always overly happy lmao

I don't eat breakfast because I keep pressing snooze then end up running out of time to do ANYTHING

Everyone would always look at me weird when I said I can't eat breakfast cuz it makes me nauseated.

Tumblr Gets Deep (25 Pics) | Pleated-Jeans.com

What if every woman refused to pay for pads/tampons? We just let ourselves bleed all over everything and walk around covered in blood, making all the guys uncomfortable? How fast do you think we'd be getting free period supplies?

Funny tumblr post

I showed my husband this before we got married and now it's his catchphrase XD

Hahah equality! http://weheartit.com/entry/193558203

I like to call it "equal opportunity skimpy". Have a 'regular' version and a 'sexy' version. Everybody wins.

No idea why, but I thought it would be roses are red violets are blue I can't see anything so screw you

Blind poetry…I hate that I found this hilarious - so un-PC! But hey, if the boy can have a sense of humour about it, then I will enjoy the heck out of it!