The Red Table | Leon De Smet | 1916

The Red Table Painting | Leon De Smet | Oil Painting Reproduction

“ The Red Table Leon De Smet (Belgian, Oil on canvas. De Smet’s style is characterised by an impressionistic and pointillistic touch. He is renowned for his ability to.

Before the Door / Edouard Vuillard - 1910

Edouard Vuillard Vuillard, Edouard French, 1868 - 1940 Women Sewing c. 1912 glue on paper on canvas overall: x cm x 37 .

GUSTAVE MOREAU (1826 - 1898) | The Toilet - 1890

Gustave Moreau (1826-1898)

Gustave Moreau La Toilette oil, watercolor, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

Édouard Vuillard ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩ Gaby Féerie créateur de bijoux à thèmes en modèle unique ;➜ ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩

Edouard Vuillard Madame Arthur Fontaine in a Pink Shawl 1903 gouache and oil on cardboard mounted on cardboard

Edgar Maxence

Felice Casorati “ragazza sul tappeto rosso” “Girl on a red carpet”

August Macke (1887-1914) - Elisabeth Gerhardt   “Mein zweites Ich” , zo omschrijft August Macke zijn vrouw Elisabeth in een brief. Dat zegt ...

Elisabeth on green sofa, reading August Macke (German, Oil and pencil on cardboard, mounted on canvas. Model is Elisabeth Gerhardt, later wife of the artist. Elisabeth was Macke’s.