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1987 Icelandic Barbie® Doll | The Barbie Collection Mattel 03189  Special Edition Release Date: 1/1/1987 Most of Icelandic Barbie doll's ancestors were Vikings from Norway, and her costume reflects that influence. She wears a blue jumper dress known as a "bunad. " A light blue apron, trimmed with golden braiding, is tied around her waist. Her crisp, white blouse features beautiful pouffed sleeves. Icelandic Barbie doll wears long braids, very common in both Norway and Iceland, which are…

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Ukrainian Barbie Doll , from Iryna

Ukrainian Barbie Doll , My Buska used to make these. she was so wise and talented!

Escocia 1991

Image detail for -Scottish Barbie® Doll Edition 1991 - Barbie: Dolls Collection .

Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll 2007

Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll 2007 Silver Label® Designed by: Sharon Zuckerman Release Date: Product Code:

Moroccan Barbie® Doll | The Barbie Collection 1999

Moroccan Barbie Doll is a collectible barbie doll from Dolls of the World barbie collection. Beautiful and collectable barbie Moroccan Barbie Doll from barbie collector dolls.

Barbie & the Rockers (Barbie & The Rock Stars in Europe) were introduced by Mattel in the mid-1980s to compete with Hasbro's popular Jem dolls.

Barbie - Barbie & the Rockers It's me.not gonna tell you how many times I heard this song growing up!