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Living room designs for small spaces need clever ideas and creative designing to make it look bigger. Read our ideas on living room designs for small spaces

Read these small living space tips to make your tiny studio feel bigger than it actually is.

22 Tips to Make Your Tiny Living Room Feel Bigger

So, you're stuck with a small living room. We understand the problems of having a small living room. You want that stunning sofa, but it doesn't quite fit in your room, or you were thi

Decor: Salas pequenas!

Decor: Salas pequenas

The living room of a 700-square-foot bungalow (with just one closet) requires furniture that serves multiple functions, like the window seat that stores extra blankets.

28 Inspiring Small Homes

Small living room idea: a narrow window seat or bench in front of a window or the TV could allow better conversation seating when you have guests without taking up as much room as two couches.

Departamento pequeño

Departamento pequeño


A cabeceira da cama foi estofada com tecido na cor fendi e foi posicionada logo…


Dicas salas de TV pequenas

A cadeira roxa da foto de cima (só que de outra cor), e o sofá da foto de baixo!