Kelpies a water horse that gains your trust and gives you a ride on its back before drowning you. Not the nicest horsey in the barn. Tend to live near bogs and swampy areas in the woods.

The Kelpie (Celtic) - supernatural water horse that haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. Said to transform themselves into beautiful women to lure men into their traps, so they can drown and eat them.

İlgili resim

İlgili resim

Artist Andrew Penno

Artist Andrew Penno

The females selkies are able to transform into human form by removing their seal skin. However they must hide it well, because if a man finds it, the selkie must become his wife and stay with him until she is able to find her skin again and return to the sea.

I have been "corrected" many times by those with no imagination that Selkies are in fact seals, not otters.

The Selkie | Disphoria

I have felt fascinated by tales of the Selkie ever since I first heard the story as a child. There are many versions of the story, but the common thread. Our Rum is in the first stages of production. Come and see our story and when our Rum will be available for public consumption. Pirate products will be available as well.

Meenilia, a elyri living in the Talmiron sea, sits in deep, sorrowful thoughts about her lost family.


I'd want color, maybe watercolor, but wouldn't this make a beautiful Hippocampus tattoo?