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I don't really ship them but I just couldn't resist pinning it. "Give us a kiss."

That is somehow disturbing. Direction marvel and yaoi boards.

Iron Man Show Girl!Loki by Thacmis

Thor x Loki. Pauvre Iron man, c'est Loki qui a commencé, en plus !

Hipster thorki

marty-mc: “ More hipsters and a late and messy birthday present for Stereobone who made me fall in love with this AU and I hate her for it ”

orig02.deviantart.net d858 f 2013 302 4 b thor_s_warprize_8_by_florbe-d6sbyxe.jpg

Now this sounds like Loki. Also, I don't see this as a "Thorki" either.

Superfamily Avengers | ... Rogers peter parker domestic avengers Super Family requested drawing

"A requested drawing from an anon who wanted some angsty superfamily fluff (Toddler!Peter being upset that Steve and Tony fighting and yelling) This hit me right in the feels when I was drawing it TT - TT "

Spidey-baby and Uncle-Thor hahahahaha #superfamily #stony

Spidey-baby and Uncle-Thor hahahahaha I don't ship Tony and Steve but this is funny

yaio, yaoi, superfamily

I don't ship stony but I do really like the thought of my baby Peter hanging with the avengers.