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Thula plays along with Iris whether the Play-Doh is out… | How Thula The Cat Helps A Girl With Autism Live Life More Fully

Thula plays along with Iris whether the Play-Doh is out...

Thula The Cat Helps A Girl With Autism Live A Full Life. A Maine Coon cat Thula and a girl with autism share a unique bond.


I Just Melted

Kitten sleeping in an American girl doll bed // cute black and white kitty

15 Then And Now Photos Of Cats Growing Up

15 Then And Now Photos Of Cats Growing Up

15 Then And Now Photos Of Cats Growing Up. Number 3 cracks me up

Gah! Now I wanna get a boy kitty so I can put ties and bow ties on him.  So dapper!

Classy cats wearing ties…

Because of the obviously loving and friendly nature, many American Bobtails have served as treatment cats to bring happiness to people in need. The American Bobtail is sensitive to individuals wants, and coupled with their distinctive look. They disperse much pleasure to those in need of a few smiles.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

A kitten wreathed in a red rose wreath. Is this the Pageant Queen of the Tournament of Roses? Are these the Knights of the Realm set to compete for the Ladies' favors? Perhaps they should, stage a Major Cat Show on New Years Day, for the enjoyment of the masses, who simply aren't into football. This Lady will be a divine Queen with the most beautiful Cats of the Nation in her Court. The Derby is the Run for the Roses for Horses. They could be the very Roses of the cat world.

Looking purrrr-fectly fabulous in this crown or roses! Poor thing :o)

A cat who is having the best day ever. | 51 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before YouDie

Do you want to see 22 funny lazy cat pictures that will make you laugh then have a look at the below pictures. Funny cat pictures in London, UK.

<3 <3 <3 <3

Funny pictures about Mother and son. Oh, and cool pics about Mother and son. Also, Mother and son photos.

Couch kitty

8 Sleeping Positions for Bizarre Cats

Theres a movie about it btw its fucking great i love it. It helped me get over my drinking...

A Homeless Musician And His Cat - A Street Cat Named Bob - cat story musician cool story

Minik: An inspiration to us all

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

Only reason pinning is when I was a kid I'd say "honk shoo" too and it is validating all these years to see someone else knows that, too!


Funny pictures about Honkshoo. Oh, and cool pics about Honkshoo. Also, Honkshoo.

DIY brain game for cats

Here's a cool DIY idea for a cat enrichment toy. Glue together a group of toilet paper rolls inside a tissue box and randomly fill the tubes with treats. Your cat will be stimulated when they "hunt" for a treat. So simple and inexpensive.

Pinterest: rebelxo7

Pinterest: rebelxo7