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Displaced Superstorm Sandy Cat Finds Home With Refugee Read more at http://love.theanimalrescuesite.com/displaced-superstorm-sandy-cat-finds-home-with-refugee/#FFk2yjawpIjbBZJe.99

Displaced Superstorm Sandy Cat Finds Home With Refugee So glad to see that Joy finally got settled down enough to find her forever home!


Two Hurricane Sandy refugees – a human named Robert Curran and a cat called Joy – found each other.

The deputy inspector agreed to adopt Martin, but only under one condition.

Meet the abandoned kitten who is now the top cop at NYPD's 60th Precinct

DFA Paws for the News:NEW YORK - When the officers who work at a New York police station discovered an abandoned kitten on their doorstep, they could have taken him to their local animal shelter. Instead, however, they decided.

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The Coupari breed's large eyes and folded ears make this affectionate cat a wonderful pet for both children and adults.

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Two black cats befriend one another and exchange the gift of companionship for the comfort of a home.

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What an handsome lad Albert is! Could ‘Pompous Albert’ Be the Next Grumpy Cat?

Rescue Story of the Day:  "Vinnie is the Name - Meowing is His Game" by Ruth Sacco, Mukwonago, WI --- We were w/out a cat for 5 yrs & I was really beginning to miss that companionship.  I finally convinced my husband to go with me ...

Vinnie Is The NAME - Meowing Is My GAME. We were without a cat for five years and I was really beginning to miss that companionship.

This Tiny Kitten Was Once Under 3 Ounces, But She’s Growing As Fast As She Can!Spoil Your Pet

Source: National Kitten Coalition Bijou lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.




Cat Finds His Way Back Home Six Months After Hurricane Sandy

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