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British model Cara Delevingne (Women) was tapped for Eyewear 2013 campaign. The current "IT" girl of fashion world, Cara D. stars as the muse for

Entre les alertes et les injonctions diététiquement correctes, on ne sait plus ce qui est bon ou pas pour nous. Trois livres pour faire le point qui nous font du bien. http://www.elle.fr/Elle-a-Table/Les-dossiers-de-la-redaction/News-de-la-redaction/Vin-viande-et-chocolat-pourquoi-ils-sont-bons-pour-nous-2706423

Vin, viande et chocolat : pourquoi ils sont bons pour nous ?

8 Comfort Foods For The Bride To Be - 8 Comfort Foods For The Bride To Be. Zinnia on April Wedding day is the most beautiful day in any girl's life. But most of them tend to get nervous on this .


The perfect red lips. First apply concealer on your lips to create a base. Then apply red lip liner around your lips then fill in. Seal with lip sealer. Then apply your lipstick and then red lip gloss.

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Magazine: Flare Magazine, June 2011 Editorial: In Bloom Photography: Zhang Jingna Featuring: Lily Gao Hair: Justin German Makeup: Diana Carreiro Nails: Leeanne Colley An exaggerated cat eye in electric coral.

Dark Chocolate Is More Filling Than Milk Chocolate And Lessens ...

Dark Chocolate Is More Filling Than Milk Chocolate And Lessens Cravings

Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe A decadent treat made with whiskey-soaked raisins and a whiskey-infused glaze — a must-try for any dessert, chocolate, or whiskey fan.