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My partner said I should post this… I sorta withheld it bc it has alot of mistakes, mostly bc Im still learning to use the dip pen, also not great at bgs, but anyways this is my underfell mettaton,.

4b01ef57dfee977db0748f4ec694f293.jpg 550×912 pixels

It seems most people imagine Frisk as a girl and Chara a boy, but I see it compel eyelet opposite? Frisk sounds more masculine and Chara more feminine.

Sans and Chara - Hercules parody - gif

(When you come back from the save point for the forty-seventh time and won’t just give up already.) My first attempt at animating something. Hopefully they’ll get better. I might try to clean this one up later on. Inspired by one of my most fav.

Restless Doodling

//////// I love drawing NEO mode, even if he’s more trouble to draw than EX.