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Cone snails are lethally venomous. One drop of marbled cone shell venom can kill 20 humans. (Credit: Jeff Rotman/Alamy Stock Photo)

Why some animals have venoms so lethal, they cannot use them

Cone snails are lethally venomous (Credit: Jeff Rotman/Alamy Stock Photo)




Heard the one about the trout and the sardine? A seal appears to roar with laughter, then realises the punchline is a bit fishy as it relaxes on a beach in Heligoland, an island off the coast of Germany Picture: GUSTAV KIBURG/CATERS

A hatching gecko. By yo amo la biologia

markscherz: “ birds-flying-backwards: “ Green Orb by Madagascar giant day gecko hatching ” oh goodness. It’s adorable.

Geckos are unique among lizards in that they possess voices, and different species make characteristic sounds. They feed on small animals, chiefly insects. Nearly all lay eggs. The largest species is the 14-in.

Common Leaf-tailed Gecko - He freaks out other creatures with his eyes. (I would be freaked)


Albino animals

we have an albino aquatic frog.already had him for 7 years.he's kinda' creepy & cool, all @ the same time!

The Jerboa, found in the deserts of Mongolia and China.    A Jerboa can hop faster than any person can run, and a single jump can take it well over six feet, which is many times its’ body length.

Bizarre rodent with ears bigger than its head is caught on camera for first time

Long-eared jerboa-The Long-eared Jerboa, Euchoreutes naso, is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent with a long tail, long hind legs for jumping, and exceptionally large ears. Scientific name: Euchoreutes naso Higher classification: Euchoreutes Rank: Species