#faith #ManMadeGod - TH

#faith #ManMadeGod - TH

Dear Black Christians, you've been bamboozled.

Ok- "you are taking it out of context, historical context." Exodus Does God Approve of Slavery?

Christianity is repackaged Roman Catholicism.

King James was the King of England and lived around He commissioned his people to have his version of the Bible written, which is what she reads. She did not know that King James was a diabolical ruler, a homosexual, and actually killed his own mother.

Yeah!! ask ur local neighborhood pastor!! and  ask why they no longer take clean meat, bread, fruit and vegetables as tithes. ;)

yeah ask ur local neighborhood pastor! and ask why they no longer accept clean meat, bread, fruit and vegetables as tithes.

It's not helpful, it is the exact opposite of that. It's harmful to intellectualism.

Belief in God answers absolutely nothing- it just stops you from ever finding an answer.


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Christianity has slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocents to their god.....Islam just following its example. ......

This is man using the name of God to get worldly gain. Stop seeking God through approval from other humans, who are just as flawed and misguided as you and I and start seeking The Creator, of all that is, directly through HIM.

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Creationism, Science, Evolution. Am I the only one around here who hates the fact that I have to understand the Bible to debate a Christian but they do not have to understand evolution to debate it? No, you're not the only one and a lack of understanding of evolution usually speaks for itself.

I'm just in the middle of all this mumbling disagreeably


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Responsible? Not that the church has ever admitted responsibility for it, but no, it's not cause and effect, it's just a contribution to the whole sorry mess. Karma isn't linear.

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atheistjack: “via atheistlegion ”

atheistjack: “via atheistlegion ”