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The Incredible Icons from re:design. DC Universe superheroes (and some Marvels too;) done in the style of Aiga icons.

Gambit, X-Men. I know he's not real. But he's about as attainable as the rest on this board lol :)

Gambit – Slight of Hand Pro, Stealer of Hearts

Remy Lebeau- Code name:Gambit-Mutant Abillities: Manipulation of potential energy and kinetic energy, enhanced physical abilities, Hypnotic Charm. he is one of the coolest supper villains in XMEN

Iron man

John Tyler Christopher is an illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia. On his deviantART account, you can admire his great work, especially his awesome Art Nouveau Iron Man, and his sweet Poison Ivy……

Marko Manev is back with more great noir-style movie art

More Marvelous Noir-Style Movie Art from Marko Manev

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SuperHeroes Shadows

Amazing Spider-Man #641

The Amazing Spider-Man Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Joe Quesada Art: Joe Quesada & Paolo Rivera Cover: Paolo Rivera Variant Covers: Joe Quesada, John Tyler Christopher (Women of Marvel)

this is me!..in everyday life I always think "what if a bad guy tried to come at me right now with a knife?" haha

7 Superheros And Their Alter Egos

Give your own hero Danny Haas Super Hero prints. Artist, Danny Haas, designs vintage style art prints inspired by comics and science fiction. If your Dad is not one to collect Art Prints he might e…