Architecture - Abandoned Places - This house has been abandoned for decades and is filled with treasures, from ID cards to magazines dating back to the queens coronation. Its like the occupant just left. Look at the beauty

abandoned city of keelung, taiwan | Amusement park in Berlin, Germany called Spreepark. Also called ...

Spreepark is an abandoned amusement park in Berlin Germany. Maybe spooky but sounds interesting.

St. Paul's Artist Studios, No 143 Talgarth Road, London (flickr,squirrelshead)

Old artist studios in London. These houses were built specifically for artists. The large windows are where the studio space is located. There are four of these houses in a row.

Wyndcliffe mansion in Rhinebeck, NY....beautiful

The abandoned Gothic Revival Victorian mansion ruins of Wyndcliffe, Rhinebeck, New York. Inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses"


I just love the beauty in all things broken down, forgotten, old, falling apart with so much grace and dignity.

Forgotten In St. Genevieve, Missouri...Missouri's Oldest Town, Since This Picture The House Has Been Torn Down

Farm House In St.Missouri's Oldest Town, Since This Picture The House Has Been Torn Down

Toves Sammensurium ~ some lovely details coming back to life ~ windows, gingerbread, stone, roof

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Photo (☀ the revolution takes us home)

a long time ago home

Old Farm House Sitting In The Valley. Viewable from Great Smokey Mountain Train. I could live here.