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Peace is always with in our reach, we just need to embrace it with open arms. Sweet Jesus Peace!

There You Are…Here I am There You are, arms open wide ready to draw me in and love me as only You can. There You are, to right my wrongs and heal my wounds. There you are, to forgive me each time I mess up. There You are, when I feel all …

Heron Island Daybreak, Maine | SHOW ME THE WORLD | M E G H A N ♠ M A C K E N Z I E

Heron Island Daybreak, Maine - Man cannot begin to paint a painting in the exact colours he sees in sunsets.and they keep changing. It is a spectacle, a show that God puts on for mankind.

STIL INSPIRATION: Leta efter resultat för christmas

Inspiring picture bling, eye, glitter, make up, shiny. Find the picture to your taste!

Of course!  I have SOOOO many Disneyland pix that I've put off finishing my album -- too overwhelming.  But with dividers...I don't have to layout every page, I can just put in the pix, embellish a bit, do the journaling and viola!

Documenting a Disney Vacation with Project Life

Here are my 6 tried and true tips for taking your own product and stock photos. PLUS, click through to find out about the best tripod for stock photography.

6 tips for shooting your own product photos

Taking your own product photography seems like a no brainer. But when you end up having to re-shoot all of your photos because you did it wrong, that can be a huge bummer. Here are 6 easy tips for shooting your own flat lat product photography.

Dishfunctional Designs: Shroom Love...

Mushrooms, moss & fungi ~ purple seating-Laccaria amethystina by

13 Exercises for Photographers That Can Help Jump-Start Creativity

13 Exercises for Photographers That Can Help Jump-Start Creativity

13 Exercises for Photographers That Can Help Jump-Start Creativity -- Like the world’s tidal waters, photographic creativity ebbs and flows for many of us. Sometimes creativity can use a jump-start, an artificial method to ge

"Lost" by Lori Nix. Diorama

24 Dioramas That Don't Suck

Set of photographs by miniature diorama artist Lori Nix. Though the end product is a two-dimensional image, the sets showcase Nix’s impressive aptitude for three-dimensional rendering.

These photography tips from the pros will help you capture moments with your toddlers that you will treasure forever!

Photo Tips From The Pros – Kim Hill Photography

Professional photographer Kim Hilliard of Kim Hill Photography shares her best photo tips to photograph children and a photo she created.

Rodney Smith Photography

Rodney Smith - Zoe with Teapot on Head Nº Burden Mansion, New York, 2006