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Sam Heughan, Outlander, Artworks, Art Pieces

cde197d4eca5f50b045aaa1f7f9f8c5a.jpg 750×929 ピクセル

cde197d4eca5f50b045aaa1f7f9f8c5a.jpg 750×929 ピクセル

Outlander Tv Series, Outlander Book, Season 3, Drama, Richard Rankin, Fangirl, Claire, Addiction, Dramas

Outlander, Artworks, Art Pieces

Outlander Casting, Outlander Series, Sam Heughan Outlander, Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe, Jamie Fraser, Tobias, Scotch, Claire, Diana

A beautiful man.

New Interview and Pics of Sam Heughan – Japan Promo The Highland has become a stage of “Outlander”, do you what kind of existence for the people of Scotland? Scotland revolt trying to withdra…

Sam Heughan--lest we forget what he looks like..as if. #SamHeughan #Outlander #Starz

Does it make me strange that my favorite pic is the jeans, hoodie, & hat ? I'm just a casual kinda girl, I guess. Sam Heughan (of course his kilt wearing is the best !

These won't be gentle.

27 Little Moments That Made Every "Outlander" Fan Go "Fuck Yesssss"

Sam Heughan (Outlander) by hellostonehengetv tumbl Lovely picture of Sam ( Jamie ) --- Mmmphm.