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polyphylla fullo | käfer und andere kerbtiere | by: bernard durin

Polyphylla Fullo a beetle of the family Scarabeidae; a dangerous pest of trees and vineyards that grow on sandy soils. The black, brown, or reddish brown elytra have characteristic marble design of white spots.

Fotos de otro mundo 2 (HD) - Taringa!

Fotos de otro mundo 2 (HD)

World's longest insect. Could it mean that insects are evolving into dinosaurs... mammals, primates..? Well?

World’s Longest Insect

familly related bug - compared to hand size. Found in Southeast China, 2 feet long. World's longest insect.

this is a bug!

The Most Surreal Insect On Earth -- Dark Roasted Blend: Weird and Wonderful…

Megistomela punctatissima                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Syd wants to look at bugs on here and I feel like this one is flipping me the bird. Your sweet pink color doesn't fool me bug!

[][][] Eusomus ovulum Germ. (Curculionidae) - atlas of beetles of Russia (photo by K.V. Makarov)

(Curculionidae) - atlas of beetles of Russia (photo by K. Makarov) Looks like a little old lady in a sweet housecoat. The color and pattern of the shell is amazing.