How the Monkeybars Get Kids READY TO WRITE!  great article by Moving Smart supporting the work we do in Waldorf EC

USing gross motor skills to help children improve fine motor skills. Moving Smart: M IS FOR MONKEYBARS: Getting Ready for Writing

Sensory, Motor Skills & Exploration Playdate

Sensory, Motor Skills & Exploration Playdate

why not set this up in your backyard? or the school playground! Hours of fun to be had, and of course, a delight for the senses!

Giant reclaimed wooden blocks...These would be fun for LFOJ's playground

Filth Wizardry: Giant reclaimed wooden blocks - yes! I loved stepping on things when I was a kid. Perfect for playing lava monster!

Playground play (can be any playground, not just this playground)- child will have to think about and plan their next move accordingly - also works on body awareness, problem solving, and bilateral coordination

Outdoor Play & Praxis

Outdoor playing allows the child to use their imagination while sequencing and planning motor movements.

Tape is such a wonderful thing to keep handy in preschool. In the latest conference I attended, the Ooey Gooey lady said you should keep a roll of painter

Developing large motor skills by playing on the line in preschool

Have a square of tape on the ground, do a version of the hokey pokey. Have the students jump in and out of the square, walk to the right around the square, etc. This would be a good large motor activity to get preschoolers moving about.

cooperative games- islands

At our school we use this social skills program called Games Factory It is all about teaching kids to get along and work together, problem s.