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@Lovesbaking99 I took a bit of a different direction than you were probably expecting. Sorry if it's confusing but I hope you enjoy.

Prompt -- you were brought forward in time by freedom fighters to stop an evil dictator from taking over the world. when you ask why they chose you to help them, they explain that the dictator is your future self

The house was never silent. Anna's feet ran to and fro, Lisbeth's laughter echoed down the halls, and Georgia's soft, crooning voice soothed those who made their home there. But for the home to be completely silent was a terrible sign, and she knew something was horribly, devastatingly wrong.

When the silence woke her, she didn't know what happened. There was always something loud going on. The never ending sound became her lullaby. Sound at night Always put her to sleep.


writing prompt: your antagonist died. Who leaves flowers his/her grave? << All I can imagine is the protagonist coming and doing it (whatever story it is)

Writing prompt

"^" Bria asked Josh as we eyes widened. Josh held up a burnt scrap book. "It was in the attic. Why'd you hide it?" Josh asked as he started to open it." Bria screamed as she ran to stop him or the glass orbs in the attic

Why are you looking at me like that?

writing prompt - "I felt, suddenly, that the center of this man's attention was a very bad place to be.