Midwinter Dream

Midwinter Dream

Squirrely in the snow

Pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals in snow. Funny pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals playing in the snow.

<3  chicken and sheep  She is getting her feet warm..

the greys

in the not too distant future. I WILL have both sheep and chickens someday!

Cotswold Hogget  so lovely a creature is he!

Cotswold hogget--A longwool breed with a lustrous fleece, originating in Gloucestershire, on and around the Cotswold Hills. It is known to be of great antiquity in its original form, being kept on the Cotswold villa estates by the Romans.

This little lamb is so soft!

This little lamb is so soft Cute baby animals: 100 reasons to go 'Ahhhh'

Baby Doll Sheep.

" Kokovoko Farm raises sheep for their wool and sells the wool to hand-spinning enthusiasts. How delightful to know that your scarf or sweater was made from wool of the animals that range happily over the hills of the Outer Bluegrass.