Millennium Tower by Asymptote Architecture

Wining proposal design coming from the prolific Asymptote Architecture studio took the first prize for the design of World Business Center Busan (WBCB). The project comes with a the project is set to become Asia's tallest skyscraper.

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Futuristic Architecture, Empire Island Tower, Abu Dhabi designed by Aedas. Here's elegance again combined with strong architecture.

This is a cool image for a building I would like to do, its far to massive but the shape is great. and would be cool as a background of some sorts for a game level. It reminds me of half life 3

Eco-torony, Kijev, Ukrajna által Pavlo Kryvozub :: koncepcióterv ☮k☮:

A Manhattan developer plans to bring a mammoth skyscraper to downtown Denver. The structure would not only stand as the city’s tallest building, it would dwarf its closest competition by 286 feet (87 meters).

Nanjing - Hunan Lu I love this, it reminds me of the pinnacle of the castle in Fantasia from the original Never ending story movie!

Beach Front Hotel, Dubai, UAE by Atkins Arhitects :: 60 floors, height :: proposal

The 50 Most Innovative Buildings Of The Last Decade

The 50 Most Innovative Buildings Of The Century - Business Insider- Mode Gakuen Spiral Tower, Nagoya, Japan. It's 170 metres tall, and with a distinctive screwed shape.