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Video Tutorial: Direct Instruction Area

Video Tutorial: Direct Instruction Area (The Autism Helper)

The Autism Helper Classroom: Classroom Photos by theautismhelper.com

Classroom: Classroom Photos

Desk spaces for children with autism or who need a quiet space to work. Replace the computer with a sewing machine or a clear desk space.

The Adventures of Room 83- Autism Adventures!: My Classroom

The Autism Adventures of Room My Classroom, . i need to look at this. right now my students see all my desk/junk behind me during instruction time. need to simpilize their visual field.

Why Visuals are Important in an Autism Classroom by theautismhelper.com

Visuals {Why They are Important


Our autism consultant made this visual schedule -- the pieces are connected and fold over so teachers and students dont loose them. Would be great for a chore chart for any kid.