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Noooo! They replaced their screen-printed labels with stickers. Still super sleek, fun, colorful, and clean.

I think I need to try this - DRY soda. I love the clear color and intriguing flavors - cucumber, lavender, rhubarb.

Always a fan, always a Faygo. In glass bottles, even better.  Root beer? Yes please. (pack of 12)

Izze POMEGRANATE SPARKLING JUICE DRINK Glass Bottle (Pack of Pop of color at each place setting? Name tags around the bottle neck as escort cards? Serve on trays by color? Spike it? Drinks that double as decor = Bonus!

Sprecher Brewing Co. is rolling out an alcoholic version of its root beer.

Sprecher introducing alcoholic root beer

Sprecher Hard Root Beer - not strictly beer, but it has alcohol, and is sweet. First sampled at the Columbus Summer Beerfest; I credit this drink for giving me a second wind.

You will need:a 12 inch length of 1/2 inch PVC pipe (sprinkler pipe) 1-1/2 inch end cap2-1/2 inch elbows1-1/2 inch T joint

Marshmallow Guns

You will need:a 12 inch length of inch PVC pipe (sprinkler pipe) inch end inch inch T joint

Green Lantern beverages

Lincoln saw 15 minutes of the Green Lantern movie when we were at my parents house at Christmas, and since then he hasn't stopped talking ab.

Premium Lemon Tonic | Expirit.es - Club Gourmet

Premium Lemon Tonic | Expirit.es - Club Gourmet

Ghostbusters drink at a Ghostbusters party

Ghostbusters Party

Get lots of Ghostbusters party ideas from this amazing Ghostbusters party! Cool decorations, green food, and a recipe for making your own ectoplasm slime.

Nuevo classic sodas at Grassroots Gourmet, Midtown Global Market.

Nuevo classic sodas at Grassroots Gourmet, Midtown Global Market.

It’s quite a shock to compare a bottle of Boylan’s—whatever flavor you like—to a mass-marketed brand of the same flavor. Most taste buds are not accustomed to clear, complex natural flavors and pure cane sugar shining through the lower level of carbonation of an artisanal soda.

Boylan Bottleworks Assorted Sodas are a great way to enjoy some of Boylan's most popular flavored sodas. Each Boylan Soda Assorted 6 Pack includes one bottle of each flavor: - Boylan Black Cherry - Bo

Soda pop bar for a party or wedding....        http://ohhappyday.com/2010/04/best-of-oh-happy-day-soda-pop/

Fat Fast Shrinking Signal Diet-Recipes - Cut out Soda - 50 Best Ways to Lose Fat Fast . → - Do This One Unusual Trick Before Work To Melt Away Pounds of Belly Fat

Why I Like Hank's Gourmet Soda

Why I Like Hank's Gourmet Soda

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